God created a world where all people are meant to belong, and the reality of our global community of nation-states is that citizenship is necessary in order to experience the privileges, rights and opportunities that honor human dignity and provide a sense of placement in this world.  Statelessness is a violation of human rights that undermines human belonging at all levels.  Many millions of stateless lack any claim to official citizenship; they are suffering as they live in this world without belonging anywhere.  This is a dilemma with significant faith dimensions, and communities of faith must address this injustice with theological and practical actions of compassion.

I am passionate about this topic, and I am constantly inspired by those that face the severe challenge of statelessness.  They share a painful story that no individual should have to experience, yet through it all their stories are dominated by a spirit of courage, faith and hope.  This has profoundly impacted me, and I hope that this small blog will likewise be impactful in bringing about solutions to this global crisis.  I invite you to use this forum to engage statelessness, explore different dimensions of this problem and help write individual stories of dignity and justice.

-Brent Hamoud (blog creator)